New Delhi, April 18: Punjab Gau Seva Aayog, an organisation for cow care and protection today claimed that in the last two and a half years, around 300 people have been killed in road accidents caused by stray cows on roads. The organisation in this regard sought help from the Punjab state government to bring these stray cows in the Gaushaalas (cowsheds/dairy farms). This move, according to them will bring down the number of road accidents involving stray cows and save both the lives of cows and humans. Also Read - Punjab Aam Admi Party MLAs to Move Towards Delhi on Tractors to Support Farmers On Monday

The organisation came up with a data that states that due to every accident caused by stray cows on roads, every third day, a person is killed. Moreover, the organisation claimed that such stray cows also destroy the crops of many farmers. They said that although this is a very serious matter, the government is not paying any heed to it. Also Read - Punjab Government to Provide Job to Kin of Farmers Who Died During Protests on Delhi Borders

The organisation said that in Punjab alone, there are 1,06,000 cows roaming the streets stray, and these road accidents fatally harm these speechless animals as well. the chairman of the organisation said that they require help of the Government bring in these stray cows and taking care of them, in a way protecting the cows and human being alike. As per their count, in the 22 districts of the state, there are 22 gaushaalas and the cows need to be sent their. Also Read - 355th Prakash Purab of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Today | Know All About The 10th Guru of Sikhs, His Teachings Here

As per the organisation, as a whole there are 472 gaushalaas which are run with help from various NGOs. They said that the last state government provided these gaushaalas with free electricity, since the new government has come in place, not only these gaushaalas are served with the electricity bills, but some of the electricity connections have been disconnected as well.

Chairman of the organisation said, “We request Captain sir (chief minister Amarinder Singh) to not just provide free electricity but also help us in bringing these stray cows in the 22 district gaushaalas.”