Brussels, June 14: Around 35,000 Indians acquired citizenship of a member state of the European Union in 2014. Around 890,000 persons globally acquired EU citizenship, of whom 35,300 were Indians, according to Eurostat. Also Read - 800,000 Indians Likely to be Forced to Leave Kuwait After Expat Quota Bill Gets Approved

The EU’s statistical bureau said 63.6 per cent Indians opted for citizenship in Britain, 14.2 per cent for Italy and 8.3 per cent for Ireland. Also Read - 'If You're Indian, Get Off My Page': Porn Star Renee Gracie Threatens to Sue Indians For Stealing Her X-Rated Images

The number of Pakistanis acquiring an EU citizenship in 2014 was 25,100, of whom 51.7 per cent took the citizenship of Britain, 16.8 per cent of Italy and 13.2 per cent of Spain.(ALSO READ:65 Pakistanis given Indian citizenship in 2016). Also Read - Work From Home Altered Sleep Schedules of 67% Indians During Coronavirus Lockdown, Study Reveals

The largest number of citizenship of an EU member state in 2014 was acquired by Moroccans (92,700 persons), ahead of Albania (41,000), Turkey (37,500) followed by India, Eurostat reported.