New Delhi, Dec 10: A corruption related poll conducted by the non-government organisation Transparency International has revealed that 45 percent Indians paid a bribe to a government official to get their work done in last year. The survey, conducted among 34,696 respondents, stated that the people of Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal felt there is a minuscule reduction in levels of corruption in past one year. Also Read - Delhi Records Over COVID 5000 Fresh Cases For Second Consecutive Day, Death Toll Mounts to 6423

Surprisingly, the residents of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh found the level of corruption has decreased significantly in their states. The poll claimed 21 percent and 28 percent respondents in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi felt corruption has subsided. Also Read - Delhi Records Lowest Temperature at 12.5 Degrees Celsius This Month in 26 Years

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, about 21 per cent of the respondents said that corruption reduced in the state. The number of those who believed that corruption reduced was strikingly low in the state of West Bengal, where only 3  per cent of the respondents believed that corruption came down in the last year. Also Read - As India Fears 2nd Wave in Winters, Delhi May be Battling With 3rd Wave Already | Here's What Satyender Jain Says

In the state of Punjab, about 20  per cent of the respondents said that corruption increased in the last one year. An equal percentage of respondents replied that they could not say whether corruption increased in the same period. The remaining 60 per cent believed that corruption levels were the same as before.

The poll showed that 84 per cent of the bribery transactions relate to local level bodies and wings of the local government, i.e. municipality, police, tax, power, property registration, tenders etc. only 9 per cent said most of the bribes were paid to the central government departments, i.e. PF, income tax, service tax, railways etc. 2 per cent said it was paid to the private sector and 5 per cent said it was paid to other parties like for school admissions, NGOs, courts etc.

In two separate parallel polls, 51 per cent of the citizens replied that their state did not take any steps in the last 1 year to reduce corruption while 45 per cent submitted that they paid a bribe at least once in the last 12 months, in order to get their work done.