New Delhi: A frantic manhunt has been launched by the central government to locate all the people who attended the grand Tabilaghi Jamaat at Nizamudddin Markaz in south Delhi. The search was intensified after several people who died of coronavirus were traced back to the religious congregation. Also Read - COVID-19 Can Cause Decline in Life Expectancy Globally

The Maulana of of Tableeghi Jamaat was booked and a case was filed against Islamic Sect chief. This has, however, not stopped the growing fears among citizens surrounded by people who attended the gathering in Nizamuddin, which has now become an epicentre of COVID-19 cases, resulting into a number of challenges. Also Read - Just a Day After Lifting Lockdown, This Country Reported 2020 New Covid-19 Cases

1. Communal Ostracism on Rise Also Read - UV Light Kills COVID-19 Virus Without Harming People: Study

It is not a surprise that the Islamic congregation resulted into a communal disharmony with Twitter trends like ‘TablighiVirus’ and ‘CoronaJihad’. However, what is often being missed out is that a number of temple gatherings also took place at the same time, the only difference being that no person was tested positive or traced back to such an event.

2. Foreign Infiltration

The government has maintained that India has no reports of community transmission yet. This means that all coronavirus cases were linked to people coming from abroad. Notably, as many as 2,000 foreigners from 70 countries across the globe arrived in India since January 1 to participate in the Jamaat activities and at least 1,000 of them were stuck at Nizamuddin due to the lockdown.

3. Crowd Disperses Across States

Of some 2,500 attendees at the Nizamuddin Markaz, hundreds of people returned to their respective states over fear of travel restrictions. However, as they travelled back, they potentially carried the virus along spreading it to more people.

In Bihar, 86 residents who attended the event are being monitored, including 57 foreigners. Seventy people in Tamil Nadu were traced back to the event, while in Delhi, over 1,100 people who had attended the congregation have been traced, quarantined and at least 441 of them have been hospitalized with symptoms.

4. Misbehaviour in Quarantine Wards, Suicide Attempts

Forcibly taken into isolation, some occupants are behaving unruly, making unreasonable demand for food items. Health workers have complained that they misbehaved with staff members, also started spitting all over and on persons working/attending them including doctors, and also started roaming around hostel building.

An instance was also reported from the 6th floor of Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital where a man who attended the gathering tried to commit suicide. The hospital manged to save him and is taking all possible measures to tighten security so that such incidents don’t repeat.

5. Rapid Search Mission

The centre asked all states and union territories to intensify their search on ‘war footing’ and complete tracing every person who attended the Delhi event. However, given the size of the country and its population, only time can tell if the search is successful and the hotspot is cancelled out.