Most of the time, we learn things without even realising that we have actually picked up something from somewhere or someone, after all this is what makes us human, most probably. And then there are the celebrities whom we come across and learn something from them as well. In doing so, we somehow consider ourselves closer to the celebrity than we actually are, and then eventually get a restraining order. Well, that is another story.

Anyway, it must be accepted that we learn something or other from people around us and when it happens to be a person who is known for their ‘art’, people look forward to learn something from their experiences. So here are top 10 things we learnt from the following celebrities in 2016:

7. Salman Khan

The dude of Bollywood who has delivered many hits including 2016’s Sultan undoubtedly has a charm. Salman Khan with his certain knowledge of things during the promotion of the film drew a comparison to his condition after the shoot to a rape victims situation. Following the incident, Khan’s father apologised, people rose in fury, mostly anonymously using usernames like beinghuman1 or sultan786, and the movie ended up being a blockbuster.

So kids, what did we learn from this?

It is okay to pass generic comments on rape, while running over a few black bucks and killing them on the footpath with a car driven by your driver and not by you. Your movie, Sir, is going to be a superhit and those people who cried foul at your comments will tell their friends that they watch the reality TV show Bigg Boss just because you host it.

6. Rahul Gandhi

The Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi has taught us that even if you are a prince you are fallible if you are stupid. The halo Rahul used to appear to people soon disappeared, and people’s perception changed. While he has recently learnt a few ghazals and recite sher-o-shaiyari, his favourite word is ‘personally’, which he uses in every occasion he can.

We also learnt from him that seismic activities are man-made disasters.

5. Ramdev

The ‘Tony Stark’ of India, yoga guru turned entrepreneur turned multi-millionaire Ramdev is one person who surprised the whole market with his line of ‘natural’ product. When the world was busy with another issue called ‘Maggi’ a new brand of noodle arrived, then followed the other products and finally the series of advertisements.

What did we learn from him?

Apart from yoga and the ‘101 ways to creep others’ by moving our intestines while winking one of our eye, he taught us to save all those money on clothing, waxing and shaving and set up an industry based on ‘nationalism’, because if something apart from sex sells, it is nationalism!

4. Arvind Kejriwal

Ex-civil servant, now Delhi CM Kejriwal came at a time, when people were fed up of the then ruling Congress government under what’s her name, what’s her name, what’s her name? Her name is Sheila. Anyway. Kejriwal appealed to the larger mass in the form of the party name Aam Aadmi Party. Surprisingly, while all our lives we try being anything but ‘aam’ (common), suddenly his party made us realise we are nothing but ‘aam’. So after his party came in power in 2015, he presented the 2016 new year for all Delhi-zens with the ‘odd-even’ scheme to control traffic, no wait! It was initiated to control pollution, but since in that it did not succeed the Minister said at least the traffic congestion was gone. Whatever suits you Mr. Kejriwal!

Ministers from his panel were arrested in this year in numbers unprecedented, once the Chief Minister also claimed his life is under threat, he treated his spasmatic cough, which previously acted as his punctuation and he along with Mamata Banerjee led a protest against the demonetisation issue.

What did we learn from him?

Acting is a better career than civil service, we learnt that a true actor should be able to act anywhere and everywhere: on the street, in a room, in the hall, in the loo, in the muffler, with a jhadoo.

3. Ratan Tata – Cyrus Mistry

The first couple to feature in the list, things turned from ugly to uglier within a few months for Mistry mostly, as he was asked to resign as the chairman of Tata Group. What followed is a skirmish so ‘corporate’ even Madhur Bhandarkar would fail to understand the politics involved in it.

With each one blaming the other of misuse of power, Tata finally in a meeting of its shareholders ousted Mistry from the Group. Evidently, it’s not over and most likely this will go on in 2017, but then what did we learn from them?

‘Sab ganda hain par dhanda hain yeh’ (It is dirty, but it is the job)

And also to not mess with Tata, as much as we can.

2. Donald Trump

Undoubtedly, a figure that shook the world mostly, the President-elect of the United States of America Donald Trump had the last laugh when the author and his brethren was busy mocking him. Trump not only claimed his victory by making comments which were derogatory, he took it to another level, when he actually said what he felt like. It was this trait of his which forced people to not take him seriously, but then something happened, and the Americans, voted for him, gave him access to the nuclear codes and this cat loving nominee became the President elect.

Political analyst considers that Trump’s character as an anti-establishment figure, honest in his approach attitude appealed the mass. The author would love to add a few more attributes to his appeal. Xenophobia, racism, anti-secularism are three of the other traits and what is scarier is that people of the USA elected him. Post the election results everybody seemed surprised, but then if everyone hated him, who voted for him? Putin?

What did we learn from Trump?

It is better to look like a total idiot but act smart, rather than look smart and act like a total idiot!

1. Narendra Modi

Known for his oratory skills and rhetoric, undoubtedly Narendra Modi has one thing that keeps him at the top of the list, and that is his adaptability. A frequent flyer and in possession of extra-ordinarily great stamina, we wonder what his diet consists of. It is times like this when the author actually imagines that the conspiracy theory of all world leaders being shape shifting reptilians might as well be true.

In 2016, he gave the nation amongst other things, two things: Firstly a surgical strike on terrorist camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, and secondly note ban, also known as demonetisation. Both these incidents stole the thunder off many events, especially demonetisation which stole the thunder off the US Presidential poll.

What followed was a chain reaction of events, with political factions rising against the move, all those reports of ‘black money’ discovered and seized and reported in the ‘1984’ way, the external army, the traitor, the chanting of the name of Big Brother, I mean, Modi, and the development report announcement with figures that hardly make sense to people. When India became the actual depiction of George Orwell’s novel, and we chose, actually chose a Big Brother for our country, we did not even realise.

What did we learn from him?

If you are ‘Modi-vated’ enough, you can achieve any heights!

Disclaimer: The opinion published are the opinion of the author. No animals or human beings were harmed while writing this story.