New Delhi, May 17: A meeting which could end a few doubts and offer an update on the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission regarding allowance structure was speculated to be held on Wednesday, if not on Tuesday. But after talked with a top union member, it was realised that the meeting of the Empowered Committee of Secretaries (E-CoS) will most likely be held in the next week.

As per reports, the E-CoS meet would be chaired by Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha, and attended by the secretaries of various government departments. Among these departments are Home Affairs, Finance, Health & Family Welfare, Railways, Personnel & Training and Post. However, initially it was speculated that the meeting would be held this week, either Tuesday or Wednesday. But there was no confirmation about it either from the Ministry of Finance or any government officials.

Since the submission of the report  by the 7th Pay Commission’s review committee on recommendation on April 27, the central government employees have been waiting for an update eagerly. But much to their disappointment, even this week they will have to return without any further updates. As per sources, the Central government employees were quite anguished over this attitude of the Government and now are looking forward to the ‘expected’ meet next week.

National Joint Council of Action (NJAC) chief Shiv Gopal Mishra while speaking to said, “The Empowered Committee of Secretaries meeting did not happen today and there is no confirmation or any fixed date for it as of now. But it is expected to be held in the next week.” Mishra when asked about any possibility of recalling a strike said that although a strike is not what they want but he added that if their demands are left unfulfilled by May 31, they would take other options to register their protest.

“We will wait for the Government to positively consider or demands till may 31.” Mishra said.

It was under Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa that the Committee of Allowances was formed to examine the 7th pay commission recommendations on allowances, as it was passed by the Union Cabinet on June 26, 2016.However, after this report was submitted to the Finance Ministry, employees are waiting for an update on it.