7th Pay Commission News: Goa University is all set to make recruitments for various teacher posts after chancellor, Goa Governor Satya Pal Malik, assented to the new 7th Pay Commission regulations for the state. The state government had earlier already granted its approval to fill up the posts, keeping intact the mandatory requirement of 15-year domicile as well as the knowledge of Konkani, the official language of the state.

The Goa University, in recent years, has been operating with nearly 50% of teachers’ posts vacant due to a number of retirements in recent years. The university is currently operating with teachers who have been appointed on a contract basis till full-time appointments are made. Currently, out of 190 teachers’ posts, around 80 are vacant.

According to the University Grants Commission (UGC) rules, the appointments should be made as per regulations of the pay commission. Accordingly, the state government had to finalise its pay commission rules, which came into effect after the chancellor’s approval.

Earlier, a controversy had erupted after the government offered relaxations, twice, after it was unable to find suitable candidates. The relaxation offered was in the mandatory requirement of the 15-year domicile condition as well as knowing Konkani, which led to many questions and the government finally withdrawing the relaxation.

Speaking to media, a university official said that the government, for now, had given the approval to advertise for vacant posts with potential candidates needing to mandatory fulfil the aforementioned two conditions. However, the official added, the university had also been informed that relaxations will be made after suitable candidates are not found after the first attempt.

Recently, IIT-Patna as well as the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED), too, had announced jobs under the 7th pay commission.