7th Pay Commission Latest News: The Central government employees have been waiting for their demands of increment in minimum pay and fitment factor beyond the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. Meanwhile, the government has decided to implement a performance appraisal system to assess the service record and performance of the employees.

The Central government will refer the performance matrix for the annual appraisal of the employees. Under this appraisal system, the employees will be held responsible for their non-performance and could be taken to task if falling short of the requirement.

All the respective departments will prepare a list of non-performers and will be submitted to the government on which the government will act accordingly.

The Central government will also assess the performance of the employees who are 50-years-old or more and those employees who have completed 30 years of service. The government will eventually decide whether those employees should be allowed to continue or should be compulsorily retired.

According to media reports, the retired employees will be replaced through a lateral entry system.

The main focus of the performance appraisal system will be on the bureaucrats to take a call on their retirement based on their performance and integrity or the lack of it.

The Central government employees are not satisfied with the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission regarding the minimum pay and have been demanding, for a long time, a hike of Rs 8000 and an increase in the fitment factor up to 3.68 times.

Government employees are also expecting an increase in their dearness allowances (DA) by four per cent in July 2019 to reach up to 16 per cent. If the allowance hike is implemented, it will be the biggest increase in the DA since the implementation of the 7th pay scale in 2016.