New Delhi, November 28: Almost 18 months have been passed and there are no confirmed reports on minimum pay hike of central government employees under 7th Pay Commission, which has upset them a large number of employees. On Monday a group of central government employees unions and trade unions again agreed to push for minimum monthly pay not lower than Rs 21,000. (ALSO READ: 7th Pay Commission: Hike Minimum Pay or we Will go on Indefinite Strike, Warn Central Employees)

“The minimum monthly pay of Rs 18,000 is low to live a satisfactory life. Looking at the current inflation, we have asked the minimum monthly pay to be increased from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000, the minimum pay that we ask the government would not be too much,” the central government employees unions’ top leader said. Earlier last week, there were reports that the there would be no further pay hike for 48 lakh central government employees.

Also on Monday, the government increased the deputation allowance given to central government employees has been increased by over two-fold to Rs 4,500 from the existing Rs 2,000 per month, according to an order issued by the personal ministry.

The move is based on the recommendation of the 7th Central Pay Commission.

“In case of deputation within the same station, the deputation (duty) allowance will be payable at the rate of five per cent of basic pay subject to a maximum of Rs 4,500 per month,” PTI reported.

The current allowance will be payable at the rate of 10 per cent of basic pay, subject to a maximum of Rs 9,000 per month, in case of deputation involving a change of station, the Department of Personnel and Training order issued on Friday said.

“The ceilings will be further raised by 25 per cent each time dearness allowance is increased by 50 per cent,” it said.

At present, the deputation allowance is granted at the rate of 5 per cent of the basic pay, subject to a ceiling of Rs 2,000 per month for deputation within the same station or 10 per cent of basic pay, subject to a ceiling of Rs 4,000 per month for deputation not within the same station.