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Some of our favorite Bollywood villains are off the deep end—these guys need help. From Gabbar Singh to Mogambo, some of the most popular villains, and the actors who play them, are fueled by their unnecessary rage within a situation. For example, do you think “Ek Villain’s” Riteish Deshmukh would have been out killing women who deem him a worthless idiot if he had a therapist to help him through his issues? Also Read - Natasha Dalal's Bridal Look Video: Stuns in Ivory Lehenga, White Chooda, And Lot of Grace

Just think, if they had taken some anger management courses maybe our beloved heroes wouldn’t have to suffer so much—then again pain does make you stronger. Let’s take a look these hot-headed villains who are in dire need of some anger management—in no particular order of course. Also Read - Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ DIY Zoom Glam Tutorial is Quick and Easy- Watch Video

1. Naseeruddin Shah as Gulfam Hassan in “Safarosh”

Gulfam Hassan was a ghazal singer who was born in Pakistan and during the partition was traumatized when he was taken from his home and shifted to India. This villain kept his respectable title in tact as he secretly moved to exact his revenge for all of his childhood turmoil on the citizens of India with terror attacks. Gulfam had some serious anger management issues, he was so cruel that when a baby goat interrupted his music session, he ripped off the goat’s ear!

2. Sunil Shetty as Raghavan in “Main Hoon Na”

Raghavan Dutta as a former Army Major who was stripped of his title when he killed innocent Pakistani’s falsely claiming that they were terrorists. He needed some serious counseling along with anger management sessions for his inability to deal with the death of his son. Raghavan hated all Pakistani’s and worked to destroy Project Milap, a program meant to heal some of the wounds left behind in this Pakistani-Indian feud.

Why generalize the hatred? A Pakistani had killed his son, and now, Raghavan was out to get them all—why cause the death of so many innocent bystandars in the process? Thank goodness we have Shah Rukh Khan, I mean Major Ram Prasad Sharma, to save the day!

 3. Saif Ali Khan as Langda Tyagi in “Omkara”

In a film with three villainous leads, Saif Ali Khan shines as Langda with his evil talents. Langda is the sidekick of Omkara but when Omkara makes Keshav his second in command, a jealous Langda can’t take it. The man oozes evil as he hatches one plan after another to destroy Keshav as well as Omkara by convincing Omkara that Keshav and his new wife, Dolly, are having an affair.

4. Amrita Singh as Roma Mathur in “Aaina”

A vain Roma ditches her fiancee, Ravi Saxena, on the day of her wedding for a film offer. To save the family name, Reema Mathur, Roma’s shy younger sister, marries Ravi. Just as Reema and Ravi have fallen in love, the self-centered Roma returns and is upset by their beautiful happy life together. Roma’s anger leads her to interfere between Reema and Ravi—she even pretends to commit suicide to get Ravi’s attention. How could someone hurt their innocent baby sister so terribly? This evil queen definitely needs some anger management.

How could someone hurt their innocent baby sister so terribly? This self-absorbed and entitled evil queen definitely needs some anger management.

5. Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh in “Sholay”

As if I need to explain why Gabbar Singh is on my list of characters who need anger management. This angry dacoit needs to take a chill pill.

6. Amrish Puri as Mogambo in “Mr. India”

Amrish Puri played numerous angry villains who need some help, even some gray characters like Kajol’s father in “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge,” but his role as Mogambo is the most memorable. The comical dictator Mogambo is a must on my list of villains who need anger management! Through terrorism he plans to obtain control of India and he is angered when Mr. India begins to foil his plans. The angry villain may not be the angriest of them all but he is definitely one of the most popular villains fans still, love to imitate.

Who doesn’t know the line “Mogambo Khush Hua”… in a way he did manage to conquer India—and even the world!

7. Gulshan Grover as Kesariya Vilayti aka “Bad Man” in “Ram Lakhan”

How can we have a villains list without Gulshan Grover? With Bollywood villains like Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher, and Paresh Rawal in the film, Grover’s epic role as “the Bad Man” is the one fans remember the most from “Ram Lakhan.”

He wasn’t just an angry villain, he was a powerful one as well.

8. Riteish Deshmukh as Rakesh Mahadkar in “Ek Villain”

The psychological thriller “Ek Villain” gave us an evil Riteish Deshmukh for the first time ever and we absolutely loved it! Deshmukh was amazing as the villain and Rakesh Mahadkar was terrifying. The serial killer would become enraged and murder women who would call him “worthless” like his wife often did. He couldn’t hurt his wife because he loved her so much so he projected his anger towards innocent women—he even stole things from them to give to his wife and son as gifts after the murder.

Rakesh needed not only anger management but some serious counseling.

9. Siddharth Malhotra as Guru Pratap Singh in “Ek Villain”

Okay so technically Siddharth Malhotra was the hero with shades of gray in the film but he’s got so much anger in him I had to give him a special mention. This hero/villain is a beast when he’s enraged—and I mean cities will burn down if you’re on the wrong side of his guy. Guru needs some life long anger management sessions, although the sweet Aisha Verma did soften his attitude a bit.

Know an angry Bollywood villain we missed? Comment and let us know who you think should be on the waiting list for anger management classes!