New Delhi: National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval on Saturday claimed that the majority of Kashmiris are supporting abrogation of Article 370 and only a ‘few miscreants’ are opposing it. “People are seeing ‘greater opportunities, future, economic progress, and employment opportunities’ post the move,” Doval told reporters.

He said that the situation (in J&K) is getting much better than what he anticipated. “Only one incident has been reported, on 6th August in which one young boy succumbed. The boy did not die of bullet injury. Post mortem report says he died because some hard object hit him”, he added.

Talking about the restrictions and communication blockade in J&K, Doval said that 92.5 per cent of the geographical area of Jammu and Kashmir is free of restrictions and 100 per cent landline connections are operational in the state. Besides, of the 199 police station areas in the Valley, only 10 have prohibitory orders in place, rest have no restrictions.

When asked about the presence of the Army in the Valley, Doval said it was only limited to fighting terrorists, while police and central forces were handling public order. “The question of army atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir does not arise. Only state police and some central forces are handling public order, the Indian army is there to fight terrorists”.

Furthermore, he lambasted Pakistan and said that it is trying to create hurdles in the state. “230 Pakistani terrorists were spotted in the Valley. Some of them have infiltrated while some have been arrested.” Doval stated that the government is determined to protect the life of Kashmiris from Pakistani terrorists even if it has to impose restrictions. “Terror is the only instrument Pakistan has to create unrest,” he added.

“There are Pakistani communication towers 20 kilometers along the border, they are trying to send messages, we heard intercepts, they were telling their men here ‘how so many apple trucks are moving, can’t you stop them? Should we send you bangles?” he informed reporters.

On queried about the detention of mainstream political leaders in the Valley, the NSA said that everything is done according to the framework of the law. “They are in preventive detention, there could have been problems in maintaining law and order in case there were gatherings. They can challenge their detention in Court”, Doval said.  He alleged that terrorists would have used that situation.

“None of them (J&K political leaders) have been charged with criminal offense or sedition, they are in preventive custody till the environment is created for democracy to function, which I believe may happen soon,” he added.