Mumbai, Jan 24: Maharashtra Police under instructions from Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) has blocked a total of 94 websites spreading Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda on the internet. The decision was taken after the police forces in collaboration with the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested at least six individuals for linkages with terror conduits.Also Read - Kabul Airport Blasts: Pak's ISIS Face Mawalawi Farooqi May be Behind Attacks | All You Need to Know

“94 websites used to radicalise people online have been blocked,” said Maharashtra ATS Chief Vivek Phansalkar. He further added that at least 10-12 states have been influenced by those sites spreading ISIS ideology. “We’re monitoring more websites or social media sites, any website used to propagate ISIS agenda are being blocked,” he added. (ALSO READ: ISIS suspect from Mumbai breaks down in NIA court, confesses link with terror conduits) Also Read - Uttar Pradesh ATS Arrests 3 More Terrorists Linked to Al Qaeda Module | What we Know so Far

Over 150 social media are currently under the radar of Indian security agencies, who have been witnessed promoting ISIS propaganda via Facebook and Twitter. WhatsApp groups and circulated messages are also looked into to prevent brainwashing of individuals. Also Read - Red Alert in Madhya Pradesh: Police Forces in Civil Dress, Bomb Disposal Team Deployed Over Terror Alarm

Government has also initiated de-radicalization programmes to bring back disgruntled youth within the minority community into the mainstream. According to experts, the politics of victimhood combined with state partiality to an extent leads to the disastrous outcome of converting an Indian Muslim into a jihadi aspirant.