The alarming increase in the number of suicide cases reported among the teenagers is shocking. This particular case is about a 14-year-old boy named Swamim also called Shanu, a class 9 student who committed suicide at his aunt’s house in Welcome in East Delhi. What was even more disturbing, was that the disturbed child had left the suicide note in form of terrifying status update on mobile message app WhatsApp before bidding good bye to the ‘materialistic’ world after celebrating his 14th birthday. Also Read: The Isha Handa I knew could NOT have committed suicide!Also Read - New Covid Variant: Delhi Hospitals, Authorities Asked to Remain on High Alert; DDMA Meet on Monday, Key Decisions Expected

Shanu was upset over the tumultuous relationship of his parents, which led the teenager to take such a drastic step. His mother had separated from his father and been living away from the family in order to earn a better livelihood. Shanu was living with his grandparents along with his brother in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. He had came to his maternal aunt’s house with his brother on August 15. Also Read: Curious case of Isha Handa- Bangalore girl who planned her suicide for two days before jumping off building. Also Read - Delhi CM's Free Pilgrimage Scheme: Kejriwal Govt Includes Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan. Details Here

On the fateful day, Shanu celebrated his 14th birthday along with his cousins and brother. Once the family retired to sleep, Shanu left a note (considered suicide note) which conveyed his frustration about living in a world where ‘money mattered more than the people’. He thanked his friends who were a great part of his life but he just could not live anymore. He was found hanging around 12.30 a.m. by the family. Also Read - Delhi Govt to Hold Meeting With DDMA Over New Covid Variant Found in African Countries: CM Kejriwal