After the sad demise of her mother, she turned to holy books said Radhe Maa in an exclusive interview with Jagdeesh Chandra, CEO Zee Hindustan and Zee Regional Channels. In the show A Dialogue with JC, Radhe Maa spoke on her early life, her marriage, controversies and allegations on her. She said, she doesn’t care about what media says about her. According to Radhe Maa, her father took her to a saint called Ramadeen Das who said, there was energy in her and she needed to channelize that energy.Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Why Has Radhe Maa Suddenly Disappeared From The Show? Read on

Radhe Maa said she used to dance in front of Lordess statue. Gradually the followers started increasing. She used to tell her followers that they should make themselves pure. Love and serve their parents. Radhe Maa said, she doesn’t meet ‘Babas’ but she gives respect to all the saints. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14 Highest-Paid Contestant: Radhe Maa Beats All With Rs 25 Lakh Per Week?

Radhe maa said, she is neither a normal human being nor a cleric. She called herself special and a spiritual being. She said she believes in humanity and doesn’t stop her followers from going to any temple, mosque or Gurudwara. She equals life to death, love to sacrifice. Also Read - Bigg Boss 14: Here Is CONFIRMED List of Contestants Who Will Be Entering Controversial House During Grand Premiere

Radhe Maa clearly declined that she would enter politics. She also said that clerics and religious leaders should refrain from asking security from the government. She said she is actively involved in social service these days. When asked about controversies, she broke down and called these allegations false. She said what is her fault if her followers take out whatever she ate from her mouth as ‘prasad’.

Radhe Maa said, she loved her mother-in-law very much. She said, she also loves to play with dolls. She said the Trishul she keeps with her is a symbol of religion and she uses to give it to the followers as ‘Raksha Kawach’.

Radhe Ma said, two kinds of people had harassed her, one whom she helped and the second who had bad intentions. At the end of her interview she said, she knows the time when she would die. She said she doesn’t like white colour. According to Radhe Maa, she had already told her followers that she should be dressed in Red at the time of her last rites.