New Delhi: Offering a clarification as to why 127 people in Hyderabad were sent notices, the UIDAI authorities said that it had nothing to do with citizenship. Also Read - PAN to Become Inoperative After March 31 if Not Linked With Aadhaar | All You Need to Know

“Aadhaar is not a citizenship document. There are news items in certain section of media regarding UIDAI issuing notices of inquiry to some residents for obtaining Aadhaar on false pretence on the complaints from the State Police which suspect them of being illegal immigrants. UIDAI clarifies that these reports are not presented in correct perspective and Aadhaar has got nothing to do with the citizenship issue as such,” it said in a statement. Also Read - Keep in Mind Amicus Suggestions Like OTP to Prevent Aadhaar Info Misuse: Delhi High Court to Centre

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The 127 people were initially asked to appear before the UIDAI deputy director in Hyderabad for a personal hearing on February 20. Additional time has been given to allow them to collect the requisite documents. But UIDAI has postponed the hearing to May 2020 as it might take them some more time to collect their original documents, it said.

“Aadhaar is not a document of citizenship and UIDAI has been mandated under the Aadhaar Act to ascertain residency of a person in India for 182 days prior to applying for Aadhaar. Also, the Supreme Court of India in its landmark decision has directed UIDAI not to issue Aadhaar to illegal immigrants,” the authorities said.

According to UIDAI, the RO Hyderabad received reports from the State Police that these 127 were illegal immigrants and therefore not qualified to obtain an Aadhaar number. But they got Aadhaar number on false pretences.

“As per the Aadhaar Act, such Aadhaar numbers are liable to be cancelled. Therefore, the RO Hyderabad has sent notices to them to appear in person and to substantiate their claims for getting an Aadhaar number. After their replies are received & examined; if it is found and proved that if any of them has obtained Aadhaar by submitting false documents or through false pretences, then their Aadhaar is liable to be cancelled or suspended depending on the severity of the transgression. Severe errors like forged documents, etc., will lead to appropriate actions, including suspending /cancelling the Aadhaar,” UIDAI said.

“These notices have nothing to do with citizenship and cancellation of Aadhaar number is in no way related to the nationality of any resident. Sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel the Aadhaar number when it is found that a resident has obtained it by submitting false biometrics or documents. It is a routine quality improvement process that UIDAI takes up regularly,” the statement added.