New Delhi, July 7: Microsoft India on Wednesday announced that the video calling app – Skype Lite – which was launched in February 2017 has now been integrated with the 12-digit unique Aadhaar card. Now, the users will be able to identify video calls and prevent impersonation fraud, especially in job interviews They have also announced that Aadhaar integration into Skype Lite would be available in the summer of 2017. “By using Aadhaar, both parties can verify their identity at the beginning of the call to prevent impersonation fraud,” said Microsoft.Also Read - Aadhaar Authentication Made Mandatory For Claiming GST Refund. All You Need to Know

On Wednesday, Microsoft India released a statement confirming the integration of Aadhaar with Skype Lite. The statement read: “Aadhaar is considered to be the world’s largest national identification number project and allows users in India to communicate with government, business, and others with a higher level of trust and lower potential for fraud. With the latest version of Skype Lite, Aadhaar integration can be used to verify users’ identity online, helping them communicate more securely with others.” Also Read - Beware! AICTE Issues Warning To Students, Stakeholders of Two Fake Websites

“You’ll still get the same great Skype Lite experience during the call and once you’ve finished speaking, both parties will see the Aadhaar verification captured as an event within the conversation,” the statement added. Also Read - Students of This University Have Received Over 8500 Job Offers From 1400 Recruiters, Highest Salary Package at Rs 42 Lakh

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How does Aadhaar-Skype Lite work? In the beginning of a video call, both the users can verify identities by requesting Aadhaar verification. For identification, a user will have to click on ‘Verify Aadhaar Identity” and enter their 12-digit Aadhaar number which will then be validated with a one-time password (OTP).

After verification, the users will have the option if they want to share their Aadhaar number with the other user to identify them. “For example, you may wish to make a Skype Lite call to an important business client or government representative – by using Aadhaar, both parties can verify their identity at the beginning of the call to prevent impersonation fraud,” the statement read.

Microsoft has said that it will not store the Aadhaar numbers of the users. “Skype will not store any Aadhaar information and as always, your personal information-including your video and audio conversations -is securely encrypted,” said Microsoft.