New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party turns two on February 14, 2017. The party had left everyone in a shock when it stormed to power in 2015 with a stunning performance by winning 67 out of 70 seats in Delhi Assembly Elections but it is yet to fulfill some of its key promises. It has also been reported that the Aam Aadmi Party will release its report card, showcasing its achievements and delivery on promises made in the 2015 election manifesto. But before that let’s check out the achievements and failures of 2-year-old Delhi government on the eve of its second-anniversary. Also Read - Delhi Chalo LIVE UPDATES: Protesting Farmers On Way To Delhi Face Water Cannons In Haryana

Failures of Aam Aadmi Party: 
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Improvement in public transport: The AAP had promised to significantly improve the public transport but the Kejriwal dispensation could not add even a single bus to the existing fleet of the DTC. There was no progress toward fulfilling the promise of ensuring last mile connectivity. Also Read - No Chance Of Schools Resuming Soon: Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia

Wi-Fi in Public Zones:  This was one promise that had lured Delhiites most. “We will make Wi-Fi freely available all over Delhi…The Wi-Fi will be provided in public zones of Delhi. The internet and telecom companies have been approached and a high-level feasibility study has been done in consultation with them,” claimed AAP manifesto. But even after two years, the national capital still awaits free Wi-Fi services.

Installing 10-15 lakh CCTV cameras across Delhi:  This was the another promise which Aam Aadmi Party has failed to fulfilled.  AAP’s Delhi unit convenor Dilip Pandey had said, the national capital will get CCTVs at various places but, Delhiites are still waiting for this to implement.

No new jobs:  The party had mentioned in its manifesto that eight lakh jobs will be created during the government’s tenure but nothing concrete has been initiated on this front.

Achievements of Aam Aadmi Party: 

Education and healthcare: These are the two areas in which, people admit that the Arvind Kejriwal government has made a mark but the party itself says there is plenty more left to implement. As per the reports a total of 8,000 classrooms have been built, amounting to some 100 new schools. Government school teachers and principals have been sent abroad for training. And private schools built on government land have not been allowed to hike student fees at will. Some schools which did so had to return the money to parents.

Power tariff and free water: After bringing down power tariff in 2015, it has not been allowed to go up. Every household gets 20,000 litres of water free. Several of the normally broken down government schools now sport a brand new look.

Mohalla Clinics:  110 Mohalla Clinics that have come up across the capital offer free doctor consultation, tests and medicines. Medicines are given for free at Delhi government hospitals too.

However. on the other hand a community social media platform LocalCircles has conducted a survey on how the Delhiites feel about the performance of the Aam Aadmi Party government over the past 2 years. As per the reports, 20,000 people were asked different questions and total 45,000 votes received. Of the total respondents, 66% were male while the rest were female. According to the survey, Delhiites say that corruption has been reduced in government offices. Earlier, they were asked to pay heavy bribes for getting their work completed. “Of the total respondents, 61% said they did not need to pay a bribe to get their work done. Only 19% said that they had paid a bribe, with 20% citizens choosing not to answer the question,” said Chief Strategy Officer, LocalCircles Yatish Rajawat to leading daily Hindustan Times.

Opposition BJP on Monday also hit out at the Aam Aadmi Party government and said that people in Delhi were “disillusioned” by it and the city is on a “downward slide” under the dispensation. The Kejriwal government has “failed” on “all fronts” and it’s difficult to give even “one mark” to it, the party’s three MLAs told a press conference on AAP’s second anniversary.

“Common man has been disappointed and disillusioned by the AAP government for its utter failure to fulfil promises in two years,” said Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Vijender Gupta.

(With inputs from agencies)