New Delhi: The Indian Army has finally reacted to the ceasefire violations by Pakistan and allegations of firing cluster bombs, stating that it is yet another Pakistan’s lie deceit and deception.

The Indian Army, in a statement, said that the Pakistan army regularly attempts to push terrorists through infiltrations and opens up with a multitude of weapons to assist them.

The Pakistani military on Saturday alleged that the Indian Army used cluster bombs to target the civilian population in Jammu and Kashmir and across the Line of Control (LoC) in “violation of the Geneva Convention and international law”.

The Indian Army cleared the air saying that India’s right to respond is only against military targets and terrorists.

“India, during numerous Directorate of Military Operations level talks, has maintained the right to respond. Such responses are only against military targets and infiltrating terrorists who are aided by the Pakistan Army,” said the Indian Army in a statement.

“Allegations of the firing of cluster bombs by India is yet another Pakistan’s lie, deceit and deception,” read the statement.

On Wednesday, India had made a strong demarche with the Pakistan High Commission condemning the unprovoked ceasefire violation by the Pakistani forces that led to the death of a 15-day-old baby.

The Pakistani troops had resorted to intense mortar shelling and firing of small arms on some forward posts and villages in Shahpur and Saujiyan sectors in Poonch district last week.

“Pakistani authorities are called up to investigate into such heinous acts of killing innocent civilians and instructs its forces to desist from such acts immediately,” said MEA through the letter.

“Government of India deplores and condemns in the strongest terms such deliberate targeting of innocent civilians by Pakistan forces. This is against all established humanitarian norms and professional military conduct,” the letter read.