New Delhi, May 30: Actor Vikram Chatterjee has been charged for the death of actor Sonika Chauhan, who was killed in an accident in April 2017. Earlier, Chatterjee was granted bail after he released a statement and clarified that he was not under alcoholic influence when he was driving the car that was involved in the accident which killed Chauhan. With Chatterjee’s arrest, it can be hoped that more light will be shed upon the death case. Also Read - Didi's Scooty is Destined to Fall in Nandigram: What PM Modi Meant When he Said This

According to many of Sonika’s friends, Vikram was drunk and hence the car crash happened which led to the death of her. But on May 9, Vikram gave his statement at a Kolkata police station and was granted bail immediately, sending those looking for justice for Sonika up in flares. They insisted that the case must be investigated thoroughly and also accused the Police of over looking facts. Also Read - Asol Poribartan Will Be Done in Delhi: Mamata Banerjee Replies To PM Modi Ahead of Bengal Polls

However, Vikram Chatterjee denied all the allegations and said that he was not intoxicated while driving. In this regard, a video was circulated which showed Vikram holding a glass of drink at a party. Noteworthy that it was the same party the two actors were returning from when the accident took place. Vikram in his clarification stated that he was indeed having a soft drink and not any alcoholic beverage at the party. Also Read - Ahead of West Bengal Assembly Polls, PM Modi to Address Rally at Kolkata’s Brigade Ground Today

In this connection, Vikram Chatterjee’s lawyer said that although what happened was sad, but his client was neither intoxicated nor was he over-speeding when the accident happened. The people protesting against the laid back attitude of the police questioned why did it take the police 10 days to record a statement from the surviving actor.