Chennai: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday invoked the name of Pakistan-born singer Adnan Sami to quash the criticism on the contentious Citizenship Act. The singer was granted Indian Citizenship in 2016. Also Read - Nirmala Sitharaman Slams States For Denying to Implement CAA, Calls Move ‘Unconstitutional’

Sitharaman also cited- exiled writer Taslima Nasreen as another example of Muslim neighbour who was granted India citizenship. Though, she went wrong here. Also Read - How Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Reacted When a Man Called Her 'Sweetie' on Twitter - Check Here

Nasreen has been living in the national capital since 2004 on a residence permit.  She is a Sweden citizen. She was forced to leave Bangladesh in 1994 following death threats by fundamentalist outfits for her alleged anti-Islamic views. Also Read - Nirmala Sitharaman Promises More Stimulus Measures For Sectors of Economy in Distress as And When Required

“A total of 391 Afghanistani Muslims and 1,595 Pakistani migrants were given citizenship from 2016 to 2018. It was during this period in 2016, that Adnan Sami was given citizenship, it’s an example. Taslima Nasreen is another example. This proves all allegations against us are wrong,” Sitharaman said while addressing an event in Chennai.

Meanwhile, Nirmala Sitharaman went on to say that it was the responsibility of all states in the country to ensure that the law passed in Parliament is executed. The statement comes at a time when a number of states have opposed to implementing the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act.

“A state assembly has passed a resolution against the CAA. It is like making a political statement. We can understand that. But saying they will not implement it, then it is against the law. It is unconstitutional to say that,” Sitharaman said.

She said that some states like Kerala have opposed the idea of not to implement the CAA in their states.

“A state assembly can pass a resolution that they will not implement CAA. It is a political statement. They can go ahead and we will not say no to that. Everybody in this country has the responsibility to implement the law which has been passed in Parliament,” Sitharaman said.

Apart from Kerala, the other states which oppose the CAA include West Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. These states have also voiced their disagreement with the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR).