New Delhi: After nearly 13 earthquakes jolting the Delhi-NCR region in two months, there have been reports doing rounds that a big earthquake is likely in the national capital in the upcoming days. However, experts are of the opinion that there is nothing unusual in this seismic activity. Also Read - From Lowest in 10 Years to Highest This Season: How Delhi Witnessed Heaviest Rains This Monsoon

They stressed that since it is not possible to predict quakes, a proper disaster management plan should be in place to deal with any emergency in the future. Also Read - For the First Time, Scientists Find Evidence of a Rare ‘Boomerang Earthquake’ Under Atlantic Ocean

Delhi witnessed a major earthquake in 1720 measuring 6.5. The last major quake in the region was near Bulandshahr in 1956 measuring 6.7, according to AK Shukla, who was the head of the Centre for Semiology and Earthquake Risk Evaluation Centre of the India Meteorology Department which was later brought under the newly formed National Centre for Seismology. Also Read - Noida Police Issues Traffic Advisory For Independence Day Event in Delhi | Details Here

Shukla said the recent quakes are not an unusual phenomenon as the Delhi NCR region has several faultlines like the Mahendragarh-Dehradun faultine. There are faults at Mathura, Moradabad and Sohna.

Another expert noted that Delhi has not witnessed any quake above 4.5 magnitude so far. There is a very little possibility of having a major earthquake in the Delhi-NCR, a region with very high population density, said CP Rajendran, professor of Geodynamics at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru.

However, another expert felt there is no harm is taking precautionary measures beforehand.

“But there is a possibility of a bigger earthquake of magnitude seven. Nothing can be ruled out. No one can say when will that happen,” said IIT Guwahati Director T G Sitharam, who was part of the team that reviewed the NCS’ efforts to conduct seismic microzonation of Delhi.

He emphasised on sensitising people and taking precautionary measures. “There is a strong need to prepare the community for earthquake disaster. Earthquakes don’t kill, it is the buildings that do. Thus, awareness on earthquake resistant design and earthquake preparedness is important to the community at large and it is critical to prepare the community for an eventuality,” said Sitharam, who is also the president of the Indian Society of Earthquake technology.