Lucknow: After Allahabad and Faizabad were rechristened as Prayagraj and Ayodhya, respectively, by the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker has demanded renaming of Sultanpur as “Kushpur” or “Kushbhavanpur”, that’s after Lord Ram’s son Kush. Also Read - Every Little Deed Counts: This UP Cop Delivers Sweets to Elderly Man With Low Sugar | WATCH

BJP MLA Deomani Dwivedi from Lambhua constituency had in September submitted his proposal to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. The Assembly has now accepted Dwivedi’s proposal to rename Sultanpur for discussion in the winter session. On being asked the reason behind the said demand, Dwivedi told The Hindu that it was based on the public sentiments to restore Sultanpur to its “ancient culture and civilisation”. Also Read - Killing Corona or Humans? Migrant Workers Sprayed With Disinfectant in UP's Bareilly

He argued that the original name of the city was Kushpur or Kushbhavanpur. “I have requested that the original name of the district be restored,” he said. He added that he has also written to the revenue department and Nagar Panchayat department. Also Read - Coronavirus: Yogi Urges Kejriwal to Help UP Residents in Capital, Assures Aid to Those From Delhi in His State

A few days ago, another BJP lawmaker Jagan Prasad Garg had demanded the renaming of Agra as either Agravan or Agraval.

Claiming that Agra has no meaning, Garg, who represents Agra North constituency in the state, said, “You check the name Agra anywhere, what relevance does it have? Earlier there used to be a lot of forests here. And people from the Agarwal community used to live here. So the name should be Agra-van or Agra-wal.”