New Delhi: After JNU on Wednesday announced a partial rollback of hostel fee hike, members of Jawaharlal Nehru University students’ union and teachers’ association said there are only “cosmetic” changes.

A JNU Teachers’ Association (JNUTA) representative said, “We will issue a statement when we have clear information. If the reports are to be believed, there is a no rollback but only cosmetic changes have been made.”

There are reports in the media that there has been a ‘major rollback’ in the fee hike for JNU, it said in a statement.

“The JNU community has received no communication whatsoever regarding this. The said EC meeting has happened without any communication or consultation. If it has passed the IHA Manual without consultation, which includes curfew timings, permission for adult students for going out for a day and regressive notions on dress code we reject it,” they said.

On the issue of fee hike, there are unconfirmed reports that the so-called major rollback has happened only in room rent, they said.

“Our issue substantively is not just with the room rent but the Rs 1,700 service charge, water and electricity charge which was zero and has been steeply hiked,” they said.

“The HRD secretary while announcing the so-called rollback has the arrogance to advise us to: ‘go back to classes’. With the fee hike still in place, students will be going out of classes and out of JNU. We reject this sham propaganda and selective usage of facts,” they said.

They said they want the discussion of the whole manual should be between students through their representatives and the administration via a proper means of dialogue.

“The VC cannot run the university via Twitter,” they added.

Former JNUSU president N Sai Balaji termed the HRD Secretary’s tweet on “major rollback” of fee hike “misleading”.

“The HRD Secretary tweet on “Major Roll Back’ of fee hike is misleading! In order to save their face and create a false narrative, JNU admin in collusion with Modi Government is fooling students and people of this country #JNUFeeHikeRemains!” Balaji tweeted.

The decision to “rollback” the fee hike came in the wake of the agitation by students. Over many days in the past month, the students of the JNU have been staging protests against the fee hike and new hostel manual which also includes provisions on dress code and curfew timings since October 28.

Earlier in the day, the administration decided to partially roll back the fee hike and also provide assistance to students of economically weaker sections.

“The JNU Executive Committee announces major roll-back in the hostel fee and other stipulations. Also proposes a scheme for economic assistance to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) students,” Education Secretary R Subrahmanyam in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, said in a tweet.

(With PTI inputs)