Bengaluru, Mar 8: The Karnataka government is set to introduce a list of stringent security measures for government buildings after Lokayukta Justice Vishwanath Shetty was stabbed three times at his office in Bengaluru on Wednesday. The new measures include scanning of bags through metal detectors. The strict security measures have been introduced after it was found that the body scanners outside the Lokayukta’s office were not working. Also Read - The Gold is Gone But Its Glory Lives on: Travel Blogger Nishu Tells You All About Hampi

Restriction on the entry of the visitors has also been included in the number of measures to secure government offices and buildings. Only those with scheduled meetings and appointments, in the two secretariat buildings and the MS building, will be allowed inside the building. A time for the meetings has also been specified by the Karnataka government, a News18 report said. Also Read - Lockdown in Karnataka: No Complete Shutdown in The State Tomorrow

The MS building houses offices of IAS officers and other government offices. If the security rules are not followed strictly, the police officer concerned with it would be held responsible. Also Read - Two Storms Forming Over Arabian Sea, Likely to Affect Maharashtra, Karnataka

Lokayukta Vishwanath Shetty was on Wednesday stabbed in the chest three times by one Tejraj Sharma. The accused had, reportedly, complained about not getting a contract which he had applied for. To which, Justice Shetty had told him that his case was examined and shut.

“Something happened, he lost his temper, took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed Justice Shetty two-three times before being restrained,” said a police officer.

The Lokayukta was immediately rushed to the Mallya Hospital where he’s being treated now. The Lokayukta is said to be out of danger. Tejraj Sharma was taken into custody. The sources said that there were multiple cases being probed against the accused.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah reached Mallya Hospital to meet Shetty and said, “The man had lodged a complaint with the Lokayukta about a corrupt official and later received an acknowledgement that the case has been closed. He came to meet the Lokayukta after this. He has carried a large weapon and had entered the chamber of the Lokayukta and stabbed him there. He has now been picked up, and action would be taken if we find any lapse in security.”