New Delhi, May 6: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar concluded the debate on AgustaWestland scam in the Parliament on Friday. He promised a robust inquiry in the matter, and reiterated that “big political names are part of the bribery scandal.” Parrikar stated in the Lok Sabha that the Narendra Modi government would not allow AgustaWestland to meet the same fate as that of Bofors scandal.Also Read - Manohar Parrikar's Son Tests Corona Positive, Hospitalised

“Names would be taken by me. I don’t lack the courage to expose you’ll. But I will follow the parliamentary procedure. Things would come out in the course of investigation,” Parrikar said. “Behti Ganga mei haath dhoya hai kuch logo ne. Ab dekhna yeh hai i, yeh Ganga kaha tak beh rahi thi (People dipped their hands in the stream of bribery which was flowing. But it would be interesting to see where the trail of bribery ended).” Also Read - Govt Renames Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses as Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

“(Gautam) Khaitan and (Air Marshal SP) Tyagi are small names. We want to expose the big political names who are involved in the scandal. This government would not allow AgustaWestland to end like Bofors,” Parrikar added. (ALSO READ: AgustaWestland debate in Rajya Sabha: CBI, ED acted on chopper scam only after Narendra Modi govt took over, says Manohar Parrikar) Also Read - Year-Ender 2019: Country's Political Bigwigs Who Left us in The Year Gone by

“You compromised on the safety of the VVIPs, including the President of India, by changing the norms which would suit your favoured company. I am not saying that helicopter of Finmeccanica was incapable. But, you changed the parameters to make money,” the Defence Minister said.

Assuring a robust probe in the matter, Parrikar added, “Although the CBI and ED does not fall under me. I want to assure you that the entire investigation would be monitored personally by me.”

As the Parrikar began speaking in the House, Congress members staged a walkout as mark of protest. They were disappointed with Parrikar, not announcing a Supreme Court monitored probe in the matter.