New Delhi: In what is probably the highest amount of fine charged so far for breaking traffic norms, a Porsche 911 owner in Ahmedabad was on Wednesday slapped with Rs 9.8 lakh fine for driving a car with no number plate. Besides, the sports car owner did not even carry valid documents of his vehicle.

The luxury sports car Porsche 911 costs close to Rs 16 lakh in India.

“During a routine checking in Ahmedabad West. Porsche 911 was caught by PSI MB Virja. The vehicle had No Number Plate and Valid Documents. Vehicle detained and slapped fine of Rs. 9 Lakh 80 Thousand (9,80,000 INR),” Ahmedabad Police tweeted the incident on Friday.

The silver-coloured Porsche car was seized at Helmet crossroad near Sindhu Bhavan in the city where the traffic police caught the driver for driving without a number plate. An RTO memo was issued under the revised Motor Vehicles Act, the police stated.

“We have come to know that the transport officials calculated all the pending dues, taxes and penalty on the car and slapped a fine of Rs 9.8 lakh. We will release the vehicle only after its owner pays the fine and shows us the receipt,” the traffic police said, adding that the fine was not collected by their department.

The police also noted that they have caught and detained at least 10 such expensive cars over the last few days.