Ahmedabad, Aug 5: In a bizarre incident, a 55-year-old woman was tortured by her live-in partner of 15 years, a 57-year-old autorickshaw driver, who forced her to have two of her front teeth removed so that she did not attract any man’s attention.Also Read - Gujarat: 11-Year-Old Girl With Brain Tumour Becomes Ahmedabad Collector For a Day

The Ahmedabad woman named Geetaben alleged that her partner even forced her to quit her job as a domestic help. In order to escape the continuous suffering at the hands of her lover, she jumped out off his moving auto. The incident took place on Wednesday after which passersby called the 181 Abhayam helpline for women so as to help Geetaben. Also Read - Three Workers Die Due to Suffocation at Snack Factory in Gujarat's Ahmedabad

Geetaben narrated her ordeal to the counselors saying that she did as he commanded and removed her teeth and even quit her job as domestic help but this did not appease him as he started to suspect that she was seeing somebody at home itself. “After I had my teeth removed and stopped working, he suspected that I was seeing somebody at home,” she said. She added that after that he got opaque plastic sheets pasted on the windows and doors so that nobody could see inside. Not just this, he would take Geetaben along with him every single day as went around driving passengers. Also Read - Bhupendra Patel Elected New Chief Minister of Gujarat

She said, “He would make me sit next to him the whole day as he ferried passengers,” she said. “I had become his prisoner.” The man has not been arrested nor any charges have been framed against him as Geetaben insisted that she loved him and did not want to press any charges. Meanwhile, the man has submitted in writing that he will mend his ways and not curb the woman’s liberties, said Falguni Patel, co-ordinator of the 181 helpline.

Geetaben revealed to her counselors and recalled that and her partner fell in love 15 years ago. Both were married and they left their respective partners and children to live with each other. All was until  year that her partner’s suspicions became overpowering.