New Delhi: An Air India Express Plane with 191 people on board crashed at the Kozhikode airport on Friday evening after landing, killing the pilot and one passenger. Many people have been rushed to nearby hospitals. Some of their condition was said to be serious. Also Read - Kozhikode Plane Crash: Two Hours Before Air India Express Plane, IndiGo Flight Landed on Runway 10

The flight, part of the ongoing Vande Bharat Mission, was coming from Dubai. But how did the accident happen? Also Read - Kozhikode Plane Crash: 85 Injured Passengers Discharged, Probe at Initial Stage

1. The AIEAXB1344, Boeing 737 (Dubai-Calicut) landed at Runway 10 of the Calicut airport. Also Read - Kerala Flight Tragedy: DGCA Says it Suggested Runway Expansion Long Ago, State Could Not Acquire Land

2. It has been raining heavily when the plane landed.

3. While the flight could have been diverted because of the bad weather, it was not diverted.

4. The plane landed and then it continued running to the end of the runway.

5. Reports said it must have skidded off as the runway was wet.

6. Calicut airport’s runway is a tabletop runway. Landing at Calicut is tricky. A tabletop runway in the one which is located on the top of a hill. It creates an illusion that the runway is stretching along while in reality, the runway gives way to a gorge. In this case, there was a valley in which the plane fell and broke into two pieces.