New Delhi: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Sunday while addressing the media after Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National Executive Meeting said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to late former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and raised a powerful slogan in his honour for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls- ‘Ajeya Bharat, Atal BJP’.

Prasad said that the slogan that PM Modi had raised saw the vision of an India which will not be subjugated by anyone and BJP will remain firmly committed to this principle. Prasad went on to criticise the Gandhi family and the Congress party. According to Prasad, the Prime Minister said that “a comparison should be done within the work done by one family for 48 years and that done by the current government in the last 48 months”.

“The Prime Minister said that people who cannot see each other eye to eye. People who cannot stand together are now coming together to form the Mahagathbandhan against the BJP. This is our biggest achievement,” Prasad further said. Describing the Mahagatbandhan as farce, Prasad said that PM Modi used three powerful words to describe Mahagathbandhan, that is, “netritva ka pata nahi, neeti aspashth, neeyat brasht.”

Earlier today HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “vision, passion and imagination” and the government’s win in 2019 elections is guaranteed.” PM Modi, he said, has maintained a “70 per cent popularity rate”  because he “interacts directly with the people”.

On September 8, delivering the inaugural address, BJP chief Amit Shah had called the ‘Mahagatbandhan’- grand alliance of the Opposition as an “illusion, eyewash and sham for fulfilling self-interest” and accused the Congress of “breaking India”, while the Narendra Modi government worked for “making India”.