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It CANNOT get more disturbing than this! These reports will infuriate any person with a sane mind and a sensitive soul. When India stands against rape in unison, shocking incidents of abuse and molestation keep trickling into the headlines. And now some despicable visuals are doing the rounds on Facebook and WhatsApp. An unidentified man is seen forcing himself on a young girl. It is reported that this paedophile rapes young ones and takes pictures with them, sharing the photos on social media. Also Read - TikTok Star Shadab Khan Accused of Rape by ex-girlfriend, he Says She Extorted Him

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The images clearly show that the girl in question is being robbed of her innocence. The look on her face will haunt your conscience, as her dull eyes tell the horrible story. She  was perhaps raped repeatedly by  the man seen in the pictures. It is indeed nightmarish to imagine what this young girl must have gone through even if the man remains unidentified. It is not clear yet if this is the case of rape or a wild affair in which a minor got involved. But if it is case of child abuse, this needs to taken seriously, for  involvement of a minor is enough reason to send the alarm bells off!

We fear that this devil is roaming around in our cities feely, waiting to pounce upon his next prey. Will the cyber police please look into the matter? Will the truth ever be revealed? (Edited by Shweta Parande)