New Delhi: Residents of a housing society in Mumbai’s Kandivali area have claimed that they have fallen victim to a vaccination scam. According to the reports, 390 people have received fake Covishield vaccine inside the society premises after few people came to vaccinate them as a part of vaccination camp at Hiranandani Estate Society on May 30. According to the latest report, two people have been detained in connection with the vaccine scene that unfolded in Mumbai’s Hiranandani Estate Society.Also Read - Kerala Not Yet Free From 2nd Wave, Warns Health Minister as State Logs Over 20,000 Covid Cases For 5th Day | Highlights


The HHRWA had organized the camp through a person named Pandey, who claimed to be a sales representative of a reputed private hospital in Andheri. As many as 390 members received the jabs at the camp at 1,260 per person, it said in the complaint. “We now feel that some unscrupulous elements have taken us for a ride,” the complaint read. They were shocked to receive vaccination certificates in the name of Nanavati Hospital, Lifeline Hospital and NESCO Covid Camp, among others, it said. Also Read - Haryana Lockdown: Restrictions Extended Till Aug 9, Malls To Remain Open Till 10 PM | Full List of Guidelines Here

“On contacting Nanavati Hospital, they denied any involvement and said they’re victims in the situation too,” said Neha Alshi, a resident of the complex, on Twitter. Nanavati Hospital said in a statement that it had not conducted any such vaccination camp. “We have informed the authorities and are lodging a formal complaint,” said its spokesperson on Tuesday. Also Read - THIS Country Declares State of Emergency Amid Spike in Covid-19 Cases | Details

A vaccination camp was arranged by the residential complex on May 30. But later it found that the Co-WIN portal did not have any record of the people who participated and they received certificates in the name of different hospitals, it said.

“If the vaccine is found to be spurious, the people who got vaccinated will have a medical emergency to deal with. Therefore, there is an urgent need to investigate the whole episode so that such fraudulent activities are not repeated at other places,” the complaint said.

According to the complaint, one Sanjay Gupta was the coordinator for the camp, but he did not give receipts for the payment for vaccines. He had asked the association to make payment to one Mahendra Singh. Local BJP MLA Yogesh Sagar said the residents approached him after suspecting a fraud.

“Police should conduct a thorough probe as such frauds pose a threat to people’s lives,” he said. Meanwhile, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), from this week, has made signing a Memorandum of Understanding between private vaccination providers and housing societies mandatory if such camps are organised.

To the police, prima facie it looks like the Hiranandani Society also didn’t follow the procedure while giving the work of this vaccination drive. As per Addtl CP, North Zone, Mumbai, “We are conducting a primary inquiry in the case. Once that inquiry will be concluded, then only we will take any action, as in file an FIR or whatever is required as per the law.”