Aligarh: In a fresh controversy, the drama society of Aligarh Muslim University couldn’t stage a play because of its controversial poster, said reports on Monday. According to reports, AMU drama club, under the Cultural Education Centre, was to stage a play.

But the show had to be cancelled over its poster. The posters and hoardings were put up at the AMU main gate, Babe Syed Gate. The hoarding featured a map of the country but it was pre-Independence India and so, had many states missing.

As soon as the administration found this out, it not only got the hoardings pulled down, but also cancelled the show. AMU spokesperson Shafe Kidwai said the play, ‘Jis Lahore Na Vekhya’, written by Asghar Wajahat, was to be staged at Kennedy Hall. The name means: One who hasn’t seen Lahore hasn’t seen much in life.

The play was written in 1989 and favour dramatist Habeeb Tanveer has staged it in India many times. Varsity spokesperson accepted that there was a mistake in the poster.

Reacting, Congress spokesperson Surendra Rajput dared the government to take action or resign.

Earlier this month, the AMU held its Student’s Union elections. There are 18,886 voters in the varsity while the Women’s College has 3,014 voters. Polling is being held in AMU for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Court Member and Cabinet Member.

Mashqoor Ahmad Usmani from Bihar is presently the student union’s president in AMU. He was elected in December 2017. Meanwhile, Sajjad Rathar is currently the Vice President and Mohammad Fahad is the secretary who was elected in 2017. Last year, as many as, 18,200 students had voted in the elections.