New Delhi: In a move towards sustainability, e-commerce retailer in Amazon India on Wednesday said that it aims to eliminate single-use plastic used in its packaging in India by June 2020.

The move was announced as a result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent announcement banning single-use plastic all over India to protect the environment.

The global e-commerce retailer in India stated that it is committed to a sustainable supply chain that uses technology to provide solution for the excessive use of plastic packaging which constitutes to one of the biggest reasons for plastic wastage.

Amazon India is committed to a sustainable supply chain that leverages technology to build solutions that optimise the use of packaging material, reduce waste and create eco-friendly packaging,” Amazon India Vice President, Customer Fulfillment, Akhil Saxena said.

Amazon India will introduce paper cushions to replace plastic dunnage like air pillows and bubble wraps across its warehouses, Saxena added.

What led to this?

Government officials last month announced that starting  October 2, India is set to impose a nationwide ban on single-use plastics from cities and villages.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been making efforts to scrap harmful plastics in India by 2022. The move is in an attempt to revive its rank from among the world’s most polluted.

During the Independence Day speech on August 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had hinted on the announcement while urging citizens and government agencies to “take the first big step” on October 2 towards freeing the country of single-use plastic.

Interestingly, the decision to ban the plastic items will be implemented on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Which plastics are banned?

The ban will be imposed on single-use plastics, the disposable plastics of the lowest quality that cannot be recycled. There will be a strict restriction on the use of plastic bags, cups, plates, small bottles, straws and certain types of sachets, said a government official.

State-run airlines Air India also announced that a ban on first use plastic products like bags, cups and straws on all its flights from October 2, following the government’s announcement.

Handy snacks items like chips and sandwiches are, that presently come packed in plastic pouch which will be replaced by butter paper pouch. The national carrier will also replace cake slices with muffins so that usage of plastic wrapping can be avoided.