New Delhi, April 4: Amazon is on a hiring spree and would be hiring nearly 4,000 people again for its India office. The e-commerce giant denied the reports of firing around 60 employees a couple of days back and said that there were nearly 4,000 open positions which need to be filled as quickly as possible. People across various sectors would be hired by Amazon. Speaking on the issue, an official Amazon spokesperson said that in order to organise a better team and have their resources used optimally, the restructuring was done and it only affected a few people. According to a statement made by Financial Express, reports stating that 60 people were being handed pink slips was ‘factually incorrect and overstated’.

The Amazon official spokesperson said that the laying off had been done in certain teams so as to prevent overcrowding. He said that it was a part of the annual planning process wherein a few of the employees had been asked to leave so that hiring could be done across various teams which actually required more manpower than the others. He said that those who had been asked to leave were being rendered support in the form of jobs in the internal circuit and placements outside the company.

Commenting on the same issue, chief strategy officer at market research firm GBH Insights Daniel Ives said that the ‘laying off’ of a few people was a part of a global planning and that CEO Bezos was looking to empower and fuel growth from areas which would help drive the consumers.

Last month too, Amazon made an announcement for hiring at least 1,100 people for its Alexa business unit alone. Amazon India was looking to hire people as language engineers in the area of speech and language data processing for its data engineering team.