The award-winning comedy show, “The Big Bang Theory” has a little of everything for all to enjoy. Whether it is gorgeous actresses, clever comedy, awkward moments or serious life issues—the show has it all. It has single-handedly made being “nerdy,” cool and sexy!Also Read - Sumona Chakravarti Not Part of The Kapil Sharma Show? Actor Says 'If It Doesn't Work Out Then It Wasn't Meant For You'

The talented actors have developed their characters so well fans can’t help but relate to someone or other on the show. From the socially awkward child prodigy, Dr. Sheldon Cooper to sexy and vibrant Penny—you are bound to fall in love with at least one of these characters.  Now imagine if India remade “The Big Bang Theory.” A show about nerdy friends trying to maneuver the real world? Sounds like a hit desi show to me! Also Read - Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Divyanka Tripathi-Nakuul Mehta To Replace Sakshi Tanwar-Ram Kapoor in The Show?

What if we had a group of four engineers, with a sexy next-door neighbor who was an aspiring actress like Penny? With an array of talented Indian television stars to choose from, you would think I would have no trouble picking a cast—wrong! The Indian television industry has some of the hottest men around, how is a girl supposed to pick actors that can take on a “nerdy” avatar? Still, I’ve managed to select a few of our industry’s cutest actors who have the superb acting skills to play awkward characters. Also Read - Naagin 6: Ridhima Pandit Likely To Play Lead Along With Niyati Fatnani In Ekta Kapoor’s Show? Details Inside

1. Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper is a slightly autistic genius who has an inflated sense of self-value, an obsession with trains, and very little understanding of human emotions. Jim Parsons is absolutely brilliant as Sheldon with amazing comic timing. This was the easiest role to cast—Kapil Sharma.

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The television host and actor is absolutely hilarious with multiple talents and I think he is one of the few actors on television who will be able to pull off Sheldon’s awkward antics.

2. Leonard Hofstader

Leonard is possibly the most “normal” out of the four best friends. He is smart, endearing and always needs to be loved thanks to his cold and distant mother. He’s an adorable man-child with puppy dog eyes you just want to take care of! Who among the Indian television industry have gorgeous eyes you can’t help but love? Nakuul Mehta of course! Those gorgeous green eyes will have you drowning in seconds!

The “Ishqbaaz” actor is versatile, funny (have you seen his web series “I Don’t Watch TV?”) and absolutely lovable—the perfect man to play Leonard.

3. Howard Wolowitz

Howard is not just nerdy but also a momma’s boy—a whole new level of awkward. Howard’s mom (who never actually appears on the show) is an overprotective and interfering Jewish mother who takes care of her grown son like he’s still a 16-year-old. Howard’s “ladies man” image is in his imagination—he’s lucky he found Bernadette!

Comedian Gaurav Gera is definitely the perfect actor to play awkward and lustful Howard! They even have the same physical build!

From television soaps like “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin” to theater shows to reality shows like “Jhalak Dikhhlajaa,” this actor has done it all. Gera’s “nerdy” avatar on “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin” are evidence of his skills at playing a momma’s boy. Not to mention that the actor is a talented comic as well.

4. Raj Koothrapali

The resident desi face on the show Raj is an adorable astrophysicist who is painfully shy. Raj is so shy he can’t talk to girls unless he’s drinking—but once he opens up the talking doesn’t stop! Like Howard, he can be a horn dog at times but he’s also a guy who needs to be loved like Leonard. Raj is more sensitive than the others and more in tune with his feminine side.

Shakti Arora just has that sweet face with those big round emotion-filled eyes—Arora is my choice for Raj. A soft-spoken actor, he can definitely pull off Raj’s shy persona.

5. Penny

Where would this show be without Penny! She’s the sane one among brilliant minds. Tall, slender, gorgeous and an aspiring actress. There could have been many Indian telly lead heroines who could have fit the bill, but my choice was the lovely Karishma Tanna. The reality star is definitely feisty, but she’s also understanding, sweet and—as proven by her work in comedy—she can pull off being ditzy.

6. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz

The tiny packet with a big voice can that is Bernadette can be played by none other than “Comedy Nights with Kapil” star Sumona Chakravarti.

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Both are adorable, confident and smart women. Although Bernadette is a brilliant scientist who is “one of the nerds,” she’s not as socially awkward as they are. Bernadette is still a social butterfly with a whole lot of game—something Chakravarti will have no problem pulling off. Also, Chakravarti’s work on “CNWK” is what leads me to believe she can handle the subtle comedy of Bernadette. It would be awesome to see what kind of chemistry comedians like Chakravarti and Gera would have as husband and wife.

7. Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler is one strange and awkward girl. She’s just as brilliant as Sheldon Cooper and just as socially inept as he is. Amy and Sheldon have this robotic quality about them and who better to play the robot girlfriend than Indian television’s robot bahu—Ridhima Pandit!

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Pandit is a fabulous actress who pulls off the role of Rajni on “Bahu Hamari Rajnikanth” like no other. She’s funny without trying to be funny and her delivery of lines is mind blowing. Having played Rajni, playing Amy would be a piece of cake for Pandit!

Know an actor or actress who would play any of these roles better? Comment and let us know!