Beijing, June 29: Amid the ongoing stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops at Sikkim border, Beijing launched a verbal tirade against India, recalling the Sino-Indian war of 1962. The People’s Liberation of Army (PLA) of China on Thursday appealed New Delhi to stop clamouring for war, stating that it would lead to disastrous consequences for India. Also Read - After Mumbai Power Blackout, Telangana Faced Cyber Attack Attempt by China | Here's What Happened

The stern message from China came in the aftermath of Indian Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat claiming that India is prepared for two and a half front war. Gen Rawat was referring to Pakistan, China and the internal unrest created by Maoists. “Such rhetoric is extremely irresponsible. We hope (the) particular person in the Indian Army could learn from historical lessons and stop such clamouring for war,” PLA spokesperson Wu Qian said. Also Read - NEET 2021: Indian Army Offers Free Coaching to Underprivileged Students in Srinagar

Beijing demanded New Delhi to order the Indian troops to back-off from the Sikkim stand-off, calling it as a precondition for talks over the dispute. The PLA claimed that its troops were within its rights to carry out the road construction work in Donglong region. “The Chinese Army can carry out road construction work within its territory. Donglong is not part of Bhutan,” Wu claimed, further adding that “Donglong lies under the Tibet Autonomous Territory” governed by China. Also Read - Chinese Cyberattack Behind Mumbai's Last Year Power Outage, Report Claims

Donglong, also referred to as Doklom, lies at the trijunction of India, China and Bhutan. The region has remained a flash point between Bhutan and China, with either sides claiming the land as part of their territory. Despite over 20 rounds of talks between Beijing and Kempu, the dispute could not be resolved.

India, considered to the be the natural all of Bhutan on security and foreign policy front, is preventing the attempt of ‘incursion’ being made by China. “India should not meddle in the controversy between China and Bhutan. They should remain away from the internal affairs of Bhutan,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said.

Sikkim stand-off

The Chinese and Indian troops are stationed at the Nathu La pass at Sikkim border, following the tensions which simmered between the two sides earlier in the week. According to a PTI report, a scuffle broke out between PLA troops and Indian Army personnel posted in the region, after the latter objected to the road construction work being undertaken by Chinese Army personnel.

China has accused India of violating the ‘Convention Between Great Britain and China Relating to Sikkim and Tibet, 1890’ by “trespassing into its territory” and preventing the construction work in Donglong.

Aggrieved by Indian troops disallowing the road construction in Donglong, China shut down the the Nathu La Pass, which served as the gateway for Indian pilgrims on the Mansarovar Yatra.

The Indian Army is yet to issue an official statement on the controversy. However, Army chief Gen Rawat visited Sikkim on Thursday to assess the security level at Line of Actual Control (LAC), where tensions simmer between India and China. The northeastern states share a 3,488-km long border with China.

1962 Sino-Indian war

The territorial dispute in the Himalayan region was used as a pretext by China for war against India. The battle, which lasted for over a month, claimed more than 2,000 lives and injured more than 4,000 soldiers on either sides. Over 3,968 Indian soldiers were captured, whereas, 1,696 went missing. The war was called off on November 20, 1962, when both sides agreed for a ceasefire.