New Delhi: The Indian Railways on Sunday cancelled five trains and diverted 13 others in the wake of Amritsar train accident in which 59 people were mowed down by a train while they were watching the burning of Ravana effigy while standing on the tracks near Joda Phatak in Amritsar. On the other hand, a total of eight trains remain short terminated. Earlier on Saturday, a total of 37 trains stood cancelled while 16 others were diverted. Also Read - ATTENTION: Railways To Run 5 Special Trains To Bihar From NDLS, ANVT

List of Trains Cancelled Also Read - Indian Railways Adds More Special Trains From Delhi, Mumbai Amid Migrant Crisis. Check New Routes

1. Train no. 12054/53 Amritsar-Haridwar- Amritsar JCO 21.10.18.
2. Train no. 12460/14681 Amritsar- New Delhi – Jalandhar City JCO 21.10.18.
3. Train no. 12411/12 Chandigarh- Amritsar- Chandigarh JCO 21.10.18.
4. Train no. 14506/05 Nangaldam – Amritsar- Nangaldam JCO 21.10.18.
5. Train no. 64521/64524 Ambala Cantt – Ludhiana – Ambala Cantt passenger JCO 21.10.18. Also Read - No Need to Panic, Trains Will Operate Normally: Indian Railways Amid Covid Surge

List of Trains Short Terminated/Short Originated

1. Train no. 18237 Bilaspur – Amritsar Express JCO 19.10.18 will be short terminated at Ludhiana.
2. Train no. 13049 Howrah – Amritsar Express JCO 19.10.18 will be short terminated at Ludhiana.
3. Train no. 01707 Jabalpur- Atari Special JCO 20.10.18 will be short terminated at Ludhiana.
4. Train no. 64523 Ambala Cantt – Ludhiana passenger JCO 21.10.18 will be short terminated at Dhandhari Kalan.
5. Train no. 18238 Amritsar- Bilaspur Express JCO 21.10.18 will short originate Ex Ambala Cantt.
6. Train no. 13050 Amritsar- Howrah Express JCO 21.10.18 will short originate Ex Ambala Cantt.
7. Train no. 01708 Atari – Jabalpur Special will short originate Ex Ludhiana.
8. Train no. 64522 Ludhiana – Ambala Cantt passenger JCO 21.10.18 will short originate Ex Dhandhari Kalan.

List of Trains Diverted

1.Train no. 12204 Amritsar- Saharsa Garib Rath
2. Train no. 12716 Amritsar- Nanded Express
3. Train no. 12484 Amritsar- Kouchuveli Express
4. Train no. 15708 Amritsar- Katihar Express
5. Train no. 12926 Amritsar- Bandra Express
6. Train no. 11058 Amritsar- Lok Mania Tilak Express
7. Train no. 12380 Amritsar – Sealdah Express
*all JCO 21.10.18* will be diverted via Tarn Taran – Beas
8. Train no. 12903 Mumbai- Amritsar JCO 19.10.18
9. Train no. 13005 Howrah- Amritsar JCO 19.10.18
10. Train no. 15707 Katihar- Amritsar JCO 19.10.18
11. Train no. 14631 Dehradun- Amritsar JCO 20.10.18
12. Train no. 18101 Tata- Jammu JCI 19.10 diverted via Jalandhar – Mukerian.
13. Train no. 22430 Pathankot- Delhi Express JCO 21.10 diverted via Mukerian- Jalandhar Cantt.

Meanwhile, the situation remained tense on Sunday as locals continued with their sit-in at Joda Phatak, raising slogans against the state government and demanding action against the train’s driver. The protests began on Saturday, a day after the accident here.

Police said locals are sitting on railway tracks and do not want to leave. “We hope that the normalcy will be restored in the area by Sunday evening as the number of protestors have come down since Saturday,” a senior police officer said.

The Punjab Police has deployed its personnel, including commandos, to manage the crowd. The Rapid Action Force is also present in the Joda Patak area.