New Delhi, October 24: Dairy giant Amul on Monday reached out to the Indian Railways with a business proposition to use its refrigerated parcel vans to transport Amul Butter across India.

The Railways was quick to respond by using the tagline of the brand. “Indian Railways will be utterly butterly delighted to get the taste of India to every Indian,” the Railway Ministry replied.

In a business proposal, Amul tweeted, “Amul is interested in using refrigerated parcel vans to transport Amul Butter across India. Request to please advise.”

The Indian Railways had introduced the refrigerated van service a few years ago with an aim to facilitate the transportation of perishable commodities such as fruits, vegetables, frozen meats/poultry and chocolates, but most of the vans were lying defunct, according to a ministry official.

However, this service exists only on specific routes.

“We would certainly like to capture this traffic. Let us see what can be done,” the official added.

Taking forward the business plan, the senior divisional manager of the Ahmedabad Division will meet officials from Amul on Tuesday, an official said.

He said that the South Western Railway has some refrigerated vans, they can be repaired and used by the Railways to assist Amul.

With inputs from PTI