New Delhi, Oct 9: Former Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel on Tuesday demanded an apology from Congress party over Rahul Gandhi’s statement that he has never seen women in shorts at their RSS shakhas (or meetings). Patel said that Gandhi has demeaned and insulted women of Gujarat, who are in forefront of the society, these days.

“Do you only check out what women wear and do women need permission from you before wearing clothes,” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader asked adding women are like mother and should be respected by all.

Taking a jibe at Congress’ vice president’s remarks, Patel said,” Ask Sonia Gandhi and sister of Rahul Gandhi did they like his statement? (Sonia Gandhi aur Rahul ki behen ko poochna aise shabd mahilaaon ke baare me usne bole,kya wo theek hai,kya aapko pasand aaya). 

Before Anandiben Patel,  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Nupur Sharma had also attacked Rahul and wondered if Gandhi scion’s objective was to see women in shorts. “If your objective is to see women in shorts there’s little hope you’ll be able to do anything 4 Women Empowerment + Doesn’t know #SevikaSamiti,” Sharma tweeted.

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of being anti-women and had asked if any one has seen a woman in shorts at their shakhas (or meetings).

“Inka (BJP) main sangathan RSS hai. Kitni mahila hain usme, kabhi shaakha mein mahilaon ko dekha hai shorts mein? Maine to nahi dekha,” said Rahul at a meeting in Akota in poll-bound Gujarat. (Their (BJP’s) main organistaion is RSS. How many women have you seen wearing shorts at shakha. I have never seen.),’ the Gandhi scion had said while addressing a public rally in poll bound Gujarat.

Attacking BJP-led Gujarat government, Rahul said that if Congress would be voted to power in the state, the party will focus on women’s empowerment. “Our focus will also be on education, health care system. Has Modi ever interacted with you to know what you need?”, the Congress VP asked.