In yet another controversial remark, Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde on Thursday called members of the opposition “crows, monkeys and foxes”, and compared them with “the tiger” Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“On one side crows, monkeys, foxes and others have come together, On the other side we have a tiger. In 2019, choose to elect the tiger,” Hegde said at a public meeting in Karnataka’s Karwar.

Hegde was referring to the anti-BJP parties who had come together at the swearing ceremony of Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy last month, indicating towards a united opposition front to take on the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Hedge went on to blame the Congress for the backwardness in the state, citing the example of plastic chairs at the event.

“We are sitting on plastic chairs isn’t it? This is due to Congress rule, had we ruled for 70 years, you would have been sitting on silver chairs,” he said.

In December 2017, Hegde said that his party, the ruling BJP, will “soon change the Constitution”. “Some people say the Constitution says secular and you must accept it. We will respect the Constitution, but the Constitution has changed several times and it will change in the future too. We are here to change the Constitution and we’ll change it,” he had said.

Hegde had also said that those who are secular and don’t believe in religion and caste, have no self-identity or parentage. “Those who, without knowing about their parental blood, call themselves secular, they don’t have their own identity. They don’t know about their parentage, but they are intellectuals,” Hegde had said.