New Delhi: The National Media Coordinator of Congress party Rachit Seth resigned from his post stating that there was no meaning for him to continue on the post after Rahul Gandhi’s resignation as Congress president.

Before the resignation, Rachit criticised, on Twitter, the current condition of Congress party and said that the Karnataka and Goa developments depict anarchy creeping.

“45 days have gone and apart from media loaded speculation, there is no sign of the new Congress President,” he tweeted.

“Karnataka and Goa developments depict that anarchy is creeping in where opportunists and power brokers are having the last laugh,” he added.

Within minutes after the tweet, he resigned from the party post and clarified that his tweets were personal in nature and capacity. He also said that he echoes the sentiments of ordinary Karyakarta.

“My lifeblood will always crave for a liberal and progressive India and Smt. Indira Gandhi shall always remain my inspiration,” he wrote in the resignation letter.

He also thanked Rahul Gandhi for ‘treating him like a young brother all throughout his journey’.