Guntur: At least 20 students of Ramakrishna Mission School were hospitalised yesterday after they consumed mid-day meal in Tadepalli town of Guntur.

The children were rushed to a hospital when they complained of vomiting and lost consciousness allegedly after consuming the food.

Akshaya Patra Foundation, which runs a school lunch programme across the country, served rice, dal and curry to the students.

According to the doctors, all children are stable now and no inquiry has been initiated in the case so far.

A similar incident occurred in Hyderabad on Monday when at least 40 children from Telangana Minority Residential School were admitted to hospital at once after consuming food from their hostel canteen.

The exact reason for their illness was not revealed but the symptoms showed a typical case of food poisoning.

According to the paediatricians in the hospital, the children had complained of nausea, headache and vomiting.

In June, nearly 40 children fell ill after consuming mid-day meals in their Anganwadi school in Loghata area in Jhargram, West Bengal.

The children had complained of nausea and vomiting when they were taken to the Jhargram district hospital.