New Delhi, Oct 20: Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij on Friday yet another remark to his long list of controvery-inducing statements describing Taj Mahal as a “beautiful graveyard”.

The minister’s statement came days after Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Sangeet Som labelled the iconic site in Agra as a “blot” on Indian culture and history.

This is not for the first time that Anil Vij has issued a controversial statement. (Also Read: Taj Mahal Built by Blood And Sweat of Indian Labourers: Yogi Adityanath)

“A Hindu can never be a terrorist, there cannot be any term like ‘Hindu terrorism’,” and “if a Hindu was a terrorist then there would be no terrorism in the world, it would have ended,” the Haryana Minister had said in June.

Commenting on a video of a Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur, Anil Vij had said that those supporting her should be thrwn out of the country. “Those supporting her (Gurmehar Kaur) are “pro-Pakistani. They should be thrown out of this country,” Vij had said in March reacting to Kaur’s viral video slamming Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)-triggered violence at Delhi’s Ramjas College.

In February, the minister said that those who can not live without beef should not visit Haryana.

“There are some countries we don’t visit because food and drinking habits there don’t suit us. Likewise, those people who can’t live without eating beef should not come to Haryana,” he had said responding to a questione whether the state would issue special permit for foreigners who want to consume beef.

A month earlier, Vij triggered a huge controversy when he said that Mahatma Gandhi would be removed from currency notes.

“Since the time when Gandhi’s name got associated with Khadi it could not progress. The day Mahatma Gandhi came on the rupee, its devaluation started. Gradually, he will be removed from the notes also. It’s good that Gandhi has been replaced with Modi. Modi is a bigger brand name. After Modi’s association with khadi, there has been 14% increase in sale of the products,” vij had said.

However, Vij later claimed the he was misquoted and apologised for it.

“The comment I made on Mahatma Gandhi is my personal opinion, to avoid hurting anyone’s sentiments, I take it back,” he said.