Mumbai, Jan 11: In another close shave for Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra, a helicopter carrying him and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari escaped major accident thanks to the presence of mind shown by the pilot. Both Fadnavis and Gadkari were going in the chopper together to attend an event at Mumbai’s Mira Road.

The chopper was supposed to land at a school. When the chopper was coming down to land, the pilot noticed a wire hanging there. The pilot immediately took the plane up and landed it at a nearby place. A major accident was averted due to pilot’s presence of mind.

In the past twelve months, Devendra Fadnavis has been involved in three helicopter incidents, including one crash landing. In December last year, A twin-engine helicopter ferrying Fadnavis to Aurangabad made a precautionary landing within seconds of take-off due to overload.