Patna: Yet another case of cheating in exams has emerged from a college in Bihar, a state infamous for cheating scandals. On Saturday, a video went viral showings students in Bettiah’s Ram Lakhan Singh Yadav (RLSY) College, sitting in corridors and staircases, copying answers from each other.

The college is a constituent of Baba Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University in Bettiah where the students were writing their final-year undergraduate exams.

However, this was not an isolated incident.

As per The Times of India, a similar situation was witnessed in several other colleges affiliated to the university where students were found sitting just anywhere in the campus and indulging in mass-copying.

When asked as to why were students sitting on floors and in corridors, The RLSY College principal, Rajeshwar Prasad Yadav, blamed the paucity of space in the college. He said that the college building can only accommodate 2500 students, but university allotted around 6,000 students for the examination at the college and arrangements couldn’t be completed at such a short notice.


However, he denied cases of cheating and said that the exams were conducted in a peaceful manner. Well, reports say otherwise.

Sadly, instances of practicing unfair means to pass examinations are rampant in India. Every year, several examinations get cancelled or postponed after reports of mass copying become known.R ecently, in an attempt to prevent mass cheating during examinations, a college in Karnataka made its students take semester examinations wearing a cardboard box over their heads.