New Delhi, Dec 22: Raids at Rohini ashram of self-styled godman Virendra Dev Dikshit would continue on Saturday, December 23, the Delhi Police said as it continues its manhunt to nab the fugitive ‘spiritual’ guru. As many as 41 girls were rescued from Dikshit’s Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya ashram in Rohini on Friday.

According to reports, Dikshit is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and obsessed with the idea of having 16,000 women companions with him. (Also Read: Rape Convict Ram Rahim Getting VIP Treatment in Jail? Prisoner Out on Bail Makes Shocking Revelations)

The Delhi High Court has also directed the CBI to trace the whereabouts of the founder the north Delhi-based ashram. Dikshit allegedly kept women and girls confimed like animals in a cage.

The court also sought a report from the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) on the age verification tests it will carry out on 41 girls rescued from the Rohini ashram. )Also Read: I am Broke, Don’t Have Money to Pay Lawyer’s Fee: Honeypreet Writes to Jail Authorities)

During the hearing, the court also questioned the spirituality imparted at the ashram and the claim of its lawyer that the women and girls were there on their own free will.

“It is a strange setup where hundreds are lodged in closed confines. Where is the concept of free consent or spirit when you are not allowed to meet family or friends or wear what you want to or cannot go out when you want to? What kind of spirituality is it when people are kept confined as animals in cages? We do not understand it,” the court said.

The bench also noted that the ashram or vidyalaya, which it claimed to be, did not appear to have any legal status as it is neither a registered society as per the law nor a trust or company.

Sexual Abuse

According to reports, Dikshit forced parents of the girls sign a stamp paper stating that they handing over their child to the ashram by their own will. Parents were also forced to donate huge sums to the ashram for ‘upkeep’ of their daughters. (Also Read: No Fan, Coffee for Honeypreet in Police Lock-up)

The girls were then brought to the ashram where they were sexually exploited. When 18, Dikshit reportedly made the girls to sign a paper which stated that they were staying at the ashram willingly.