New Delhi: At least fifteen people were Saturday arrested in connection with the violence in Old Delhi’s Daryaganj during a protest against the new citizenship law. Those arrested were charged with rioting and using force to deter policemen from doing their duty, police said.

This comes after 40 people were Friday detained in Delhi, which later culminated into a massive crowd build-up outside the police station demanding the release of the detainees. However, eight minors were released early Saturday.

It must be noted that ten of the people who have been arrested are among those 40 people, who were detained on Friday.

Police said that there is a likelihood of more arrests in the matter.

According to the police, the protesters set ablaze a private car park at Subhash Marg, Daryaganj on Friday. The fire was immediately doused with water and fire extinguishers.

The Delhi Police resorted to lathicharge and used water cannon to disperse protesters as violence marked a march against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act on Friday with stones being hurled on security personnel.

Police, however, denied baton charging the protesters and using teargas, saying it used “mild force” and water cannon.

About 36 people, including eight police personnel, were injured during clashes over the citizenship law on Friday. They were later admitted to Lok Nayak hospital for treatment. Delhi Police detained around 40 persons and said strict action would be taken against those who have been found involved in the “violence and arson”.

“Hours after the violent protest near Delhi Gate, around 42 injured people, including eight policemen, got medical treatment at Lok Nayak Hospital. Two people admitted to the hospital have been seriously injured but their condition is not life-threatening at present. One person who has suffered a fracture in his leg is admitted in a ward,” Dr Kishore Singh, MS, Lok Nayak Hospital told PTI.

(With PTI inputs)