New Delhi: In view of the traffic jam caused by the protests over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 across the national capital and other parts of the country, Air India and Visatra airlines on Thursday offered to give a full refund to passengers who are not able to reach the airport on time.

In two separate statements, both the airlines stated that they will give a full refund on no-show and adjust on subsequent flights to all those passengers who are unable to reach the airport on time today. As per the updates, passengers willing to cancel their flight, for this reason, would also get a full refund.

The development comes after massive protests erupted across Delhi, Karnataka and other parts of the country in protest against the CAA.

Despite repeated pleas from the police, agitators gathered near the Red Fort to protests aginst the CAA. As per updates from police, nearly 120 people have been detained in the wake of the protests. Those who were detained include socio-political activist Yogendra Yadav who was held at Alipur area.

In another development, GoAir also stated that it is offering rescheduling/cancellation fee waiver to passengers travelling to/from Delhi for December 19 and 20. “Reach out to us on Twitter, FB, or call us at 18602100999 for assistance,” it stated.