New Delhi: A German student at IIT-Madras was allegedly told to leave India after he took part in an anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The student, who was in India as part of a one-year exchange programme, left for Amsterdam last night itself after being told by the immigration officials to leave India by midnight or face deportation.

The student was identified as Jakob Lindenthal. He was pursuing post-graduation in Physics at IIT-M and was in Bengaluru for the last few days and returned to Chennai Monday morning. On returning to the city, he was told that participating in a protest was in violation of visa rules.

The development comes after was seen participating in an anti-CAA protest in Chennai during which he carried a poster which read, ‘1933 to 1945: We Have Been There,’ in reference to the Nazi regime in Germany during the said period. The image of him holding the poster had gone viral on social media instantly.

However, Lindenthal, who hails from southern Germany, he said that he had just accompanied his friends and had not raised any opinion or opposition. “Since there was no Section 144, I just went to Chepauk and Valluvar Kottam with my friends,” he added.

The CAA, introduced earlier this month, has triggered massive protests across the country as it leaves Muslims off the list of religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, to whom it aims to give Indian citizenship.

A massive DMK-led protest had taken place in Chennai on Monday against the Act.