Bengaluru: A video which shows a group of people bullying and berating a family for not standing up for the national anthem, has gone viral on social media. The incident occurred on October 23 at the Bengaluru’s PVR Orion Mall during the screening of Asuran, a Dhanush-starrer Tamil movie.

The video shows Kannada actors Arun Gowda, BV Aishwarya and other movie-goers shaming two men and two women and calling them “Pakistani terrorists”, after they remained seated while the anthem played. One of the voices in the video is heard asking the audiences to take a look at those who had no loyalty towards the nation or the national anthem, as they were unable to spare 52 seconds for it.

“Not able to spare 52 seconds for the country, but you have the audacity to sit here and watch a three-hour movie? Are you Pakistani terrorists?” a man is heard saying in the video.

As the argument continues, another man is heard telling the four people, “Our soldiers are fighting for us in Kashmir and you guys are sitting here and don’t even stand for the national anthem. Why the hell are you here? Get out of this place.”

Watch the video:

The video was initially shared by Kannada actress BV Aishwarya in a Facebook post on October 24 but was later taken down. Meanwhile, the police said they are aware of the video doing the rounds but no complaint was filed with them.

The Supreme Court in January 2018 had overturned its November 30, 2016 order that mandated people to stand up in respect for the national anthem when it is played in cinema halls.

“People do not need to stand up at a cinema hall to be perceived as patriotic,” the court had added.